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SPACE/asbl In Cité Mondi

En Féronstrée 116
B-4000 Liège

© Alexandre CHRISTIAENS, F10pl29 n° 2 ,Inde 2008, Mandvi Gujarat, tirage argentique sur papier baryté, 100 x 100 cm (new acquisition)


Presentation of some photographies of the SPACE Collection*

Delmotte – Beeckman – Carette – Michel – Berman – François – Declercq – PICA PICA – Christiaens – Pierart – Bomal – Clément – Delbrouck – Chable – Detournay – Beine

2012 – 10 years of SPACE

Birthday Party
Opening of the exhibition: March 23rd at 6:30 PM.
With DJ Jarby Mc Coy
8.30 pm: concert of Les R'Tardataires (
Installation, sculpture, scenography: Jonathan De Winter (

Another part of the SPACE photographic collection can be seen in SmartBe offices in Liège (

For a European collection of contemporary art

The SPACE project, developed since 2002 by the sculptor Alain De Clerck, consists of a metallic sculpture located in Liège. By inserting 1€ into a parking meter, the visitor starts a flame on top of the sculpture, and the money raised allows the acquisition of art works and the creation of a public art collection. Amplified by corporate sponsorship, 61 artworks have already been purchased for the SPACE collection.

In the future, the purpose is to establish other generators of culture in different European cities, in order to create an international network around an art collection.

24.03 > 06.05.2012

Thu > Sat | 13.00 > 17.30
or by appointment



SPACE/asbl In Cité Mondi
En Féronstrée 116
B-4000 Liège
T : +32 (0)4 269 86 32