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“It is impossible to see all aspects of a subject an inexhaustible, as immeasurable as love – as the saying goes “Don’t bite off more than you can chew. This means it was better to approach this horizon gradually with kid gloves and soft lights. The Exhibition in the Annexe et des Brasseurs puts the accent on touch, proximity and intimacy – thus really living up to its very title.

Love, desire, Hervé Guibert (F) has always placed them at the heart of the photographic act, filling in its gaps and possible shortcomings by the written word, shamefully seizing the softness of a light to compensate for the cruelty of a word.

Friendliness bathes every single thing – just as with Lara Gasparotto (B), who uses broad “brush” strokes chosen from palettes of deep colours, the pulse of a young, libertarian spirit and an unbridled energy, of a complicity which treats moral judgement with disdain.

Anne-Catherine Chevalier (B) scrutinises surfaces (facial features, other physical features, clothes, silent body language), family relationships, the expression of femininity, indeed respect for a social norm.

Jean-Claude Loubières (F) reverses the traditional approaches to the family portrait, scoops them out and sends them into wholly new and totally unexplored territory.

Patricia Kaiser (B) questions the strange adventure the individual embarks upon when he or she becomes a couple – even if only by way of an image, even if only in the image – and just how strange – almost impossible – no longer to say just I but now we, from the outside and identify them as distinct consciences (necessarily brought to life in a face).

Sandra Ancelot (F) salutes the ceremony of marriage, with all its pomp, its etiquette, its social rules, the whole challenge of a new experience, rather like a bird flying off into the unknown.

Sabine Koe (AT) is attentive, taking one day at a time, to the fragility of these moments which bind two beings together or else separate them, which soothe them or wound them - the image has its role to play in all of this. All speak to us of the link we shall recognise to the extent that we make this link ours too”.
(Emmanuel d’Autreppe)



Anne-Catherine CHEVALIER
Patricia KAISER
Sabine KOE
PURPOSE / desire



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