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Atelier Gsara
Lieven Nollet, extrait de la série "Condamné, pas coupable"

ET LE PLURIEL/The Singulars and the Plural

Crossed Views on the Social Protection Establishment in Paifve.

Les Chiroux present in this exhibition in the context of BIP2012-OFF a project of the Social Protection Establishment in Paifve. The institution takes care of deliquents who are recognized as being irresponsible, of variable dangerousness and in the need of psychiatric supervision. Inside this very particular prison GSARA organizes, since 2010, photography workshops for patients and staff members.

Numerous images have been produced in this manner, each one of them being tied to the singular reality of its author coming from one side of the barrier or the other. Humour, tenderness, violence, views of the blue sky or portraits depict a detailled image of daily life in the institution.
These images are very far away from how each one of us could imagine in a preconceived way "the psychiatric prison". The pictures created by the staff and the patients will be confronted with a third kind of vision : the one of Lieven Nollet, Laure Geerts and Sébastien Van Malleghem (both of them members of the collective Caravane) who came to photograph people and places in Paifve and attest to the life of the establishment.

Therefore, there are three "categories" of points of view to better approach in plural these irreductible singularities of madness with its confinement and sensibility often complex and profoundly human.

An exhibition realized thanks to the support of the General Direction of Penal Institutions, the Direction of Penitentiary Work and the Social Protection Establishment in Paifve. In the context of BIP2012-OFF.

25.01 > 24.03.2012

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