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Conception par Alinoa.


Our partner bookshop: Livre aux Trésors

The Livre aux Trésors bookshop opened in 2002. Installed just recently in its new premises on the Place Xavier Neujean, a stone’s throw from the Carré with its constant hustle and bustle, next door to the Cinéma Sauvenière, this independent and general bookstore fiercely defends its role as a full-time bookseller thanks to its spirit of enthusiasm and personalised, dedicated service which never slips up.

As well as being established, it’s also constantly involves – rather like a project. Because literature, images and ideas must breathe, be alive and actually step out of their books, the bookshop is involved in a cultural and political action in the heart of town. Since first opening, Livre aux Trésors has been organising get-togethers (about a hundred so far) with writers, singers and musicians, illustrators and many others besides.

Visitors to BIP2012 will be able to find on the shelves at Livre au Trésors a selection of works by the artists featured at the Biennale. They can also be perused and bought in the Annexe.

Livre aux Trésors

Place Xavier-Neujean, 27A
4000 Liège

Tél./Fax : + 32 04 250 38 46