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La Châtaigneraie is putting on a dual exhibition centred around the group of photographers known collectively as OUT OF FOCUS.

The members of OUT OF FOCUS are Pauline Beugnies, Thomas Freteur, Colin Delfosse, Alice Smeets  and  Thomas Vanden Driessche. Together, with their unique way of looking at things, these photographers document various questions relating to society – culture, poverty, development along with political or environmental conflicts in such a way that they bear constant witness to the cruelty and beauty with which humanity is confronted every day.  

Amour au pluriel / Love in the plural...

At the invitation and under the coordination of the Fédération des Maisons de Jeunes en Belgique Francophone (FMJBF), a group of around fifteen young Belgians drawn from various different Maisons de Jeunes (MJ) have been working these last few months with the photographers of Out of Focus and their photo coordinators (weekly workshops organised in MJ) on the theme of BIP2012. Working in parallel, Alice Smeets and Thomas Freteur from the Collective, together with the "Eyes on Haiti" team developed a 6-month photo workshop in Port-au-Prince, as part of the photographic programme they have been carrying out over there for several years now.
The Exhibition shows the results of the juxtaposition of these two similar operations organised in radically different environments. If Love is universal … from one side of the Atlantic to the other, from Liège to Haiti, it certainly comes in many different guises!
The MJ partners are: the Centre de Jeunes et de Quartier La Bicoque, the Maison des Jeunes de Saint Georges and the Maison des Jeunes de Florennes.
An added plus: some parts of this Exhibition are on public display in the centre of Liège.
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OUT OF FOCUS members have put together a series of five works based on the theme of the Adoration: a selection of five points of view, rather like a world perspective on religion in the wider sense of the term.





Le Centre de Jeunes et de Quartier La Bicoque (Liège)
La Maison des Jeunes de Florennes
La Maison des Jeunes de Saint Georges
La Maison des Jeunes de La Basse Meuse (Dalhem)



Centre Wallon d'Art contemporain

Chaussée de Ramioul, 19
B - 4400 Flémalle

Please note that this Exhibition will open on 24 March 2011