pixels of paradise

image & croyance // image & belief

9th International Biennial Of Photography And Visual Arts - Liège




Since 2008, BIP has placed works of art in public space so as to arouse the curiosity of passers-by and increase the number of people it reaches.

Once again, photographs will be exhibited in the street, along a route connecting the various exhibition venues. The objective is twofold: to guide the visitor on foot from venue to venue and to enable visitors to see how 35 young people (aged 12-30 years) view the theme of the Biennial.

These young artists attend a “photography workshop” with a Maison de Jeunes (MJ*). Since November 2013, they have been creating their work with the help of their photography tutor and others. Early in the process, philosophers from Philocité discussed the theme PIXELS OF PARADISE with them. From January onwards, the visual artist Michaël DANS will give them feedback on their work and together they will plan in detail how the exhibition will be set up. Through this process which combines individual research with some group work, each image will open a door to the overall theme and disclose an artistic universe that is (of course) unique.

This year’s theme is justified in its use of public space – bombarded with images and advertisements – more than ever. The art produced by these young people will also be embedded in the public space, but contrary to advertisements that would have us embrace their images, these works of art seek to question the relationship we have with images and the ratio between credulity and incredulity.

* A Maison de Jeunes (MJ) is an association located within a neighborhood or village. Its mission is to promote the development of critical, active and responsible citizenship among young people. To achieve this, professional group leaders meet with young people and work with them on various projects and activities. Through different channels, these young people have the opportunity to express “what’s going on inside”. Photography is just one of these demanding and powerful channels of expression.

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A project by the Fédération des Maisons de Jeunes en Belgique francophone.



The MJ involved in this project are: la MJ de la Basse Meuse, le Centre de Jeunes et de Quartier La Bicoque, La Mezon (MJ of Huy), le Centre de Jeunes Les Récollets (Verviers), la MJ de Saint-Georges and la MJ d’Yvoir.



Open air exhibition in the center of the city