pixels of paradise

image & croyance // image & belief

9th International Biennial Of Photography And Visual Arts - Liège




Organised by the three guest Czech curators – Hynek Alt, Aleksandra Vajd and Karina Kottová – and staged by the scenographer Jan Pfeiffer, the exhibition ABOUT THE CHAIR presents at Hangar B9, on the campus of Ecole supérieure des Arts St-Luc, the work of over 30 artists, both emerging and reputed, from the contemporary Czech art scene.

The leitmotiv and the key to the exhibition is the chair, which will be featured in photography, installation, video and other media. This object, simple, yet so open to interpretation, contrasts with the theme of BIP2014 to a certain extent, while still echoing it. Relative to the general title, PIXELS OF PARADISE, the chair is bound to the ground. It expresses temporality as well as a solid foundation. In its plural form, it creates an area for communication, discussion and community. As regards shape, it is both unique and universal.

The exhibition aims to explore this basic element, extracted from its trivial place in our lives and interpreted by artists in its material and transcendent dimensions.


Markéta Othová, from the Pasive Design series, 2009




Boulevard de la Constitution, 41 4020 Liège


Wednesday > Friday : 1pm > 6pm
Saturday > Sunday : 10am > 6pm

The exhibition will be closed on Thursday, 1 May


  • 5 € (single entry full price)
  • 3 € (reduced)
  • 2 € (group from 10 people)
  • 1,25 € (articles 27)
  • Entrance included with the PASS (20€/15€ reduced) giving access to every charged exhibition